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Coronavirus notice periods

Posted on September 28, 2020 at 1:06 PM

As previously announced by the First Minister, the Scottish Parliament approved the government’s plan to extend the requirements of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act for a further 6 months.

While we are not surprised that parliament approved the extension of the legislation given the current climate, we have raised awareness among MSPs of the impact that the pandemic and the longer notice periods are having on landlords.

This extension means that landlords serving notice on/before 31 March 2021 will have to adhere to the longer notice periods which were first introduced in April in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Their is a change to the notice period required where tenants or their visitors have been engaging in anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The notice period for these grounds will reduce from 3 months to 28 days for any notices issued on or after 3 October 2020.

Russell Fleming

Lettings Director


Coronavirus notice periods